[PATCH] KCapacityBar - Request

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Sun Jun 29 10:08:36 BST 2008


> Hmmm, the vertical position of the label to the left of the bar looks
> somewhat akward on the screenshots. This likely has more to do with the
> dialog than with the widget but this is going to be the main user at first
> (right?) so it should be a good example of look and code to imitate.
> I don't have a good idea which kind of rearrangement would look better -
> maybe align the label with the bar or with the text below the bar?
> Something else? You know the rules for library inclusion, who is going to
> use it? IMHO this thing is obviously useful anyway...

Nope, the thing is that the label is middle aligned, and the widget of the 
capacity bar is the capacity bar and the label under it, all in a whole. For 
that reason, it places the left label at that point, it is middle centered 
with the other widget (bar + space + label).

The only thing you would need to "fix" this would be to place the left label 
with top alignment, but probably it wouldn't look centered with the bar 
itself, since it would depend on the font size.

Rafael Fernández López.

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