[PATCH] (3rd attempt) re-implement void kurlcompletion.cpp|DirectoryListThread::run() with Qt calls

Michael O'Shea michael.a.oshea at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 23:51:09 BST 2008


here's my latest attempt at this patch.

Please note :
- on Linux, the behaviour should be identical to before the patch
- slight change in behaviour on Windows: Qt does not regard files that start
with "." as being hidden. Only the file system's "hidden" attribute will be
considered. This means that apps should use an OS-independent call to create
hidden files, it is no longer enough to make a filename start with "." for
it to be hidden on all OSes. Visible effect : on Windows, URL completion of
file system paths will include directories starting with "." unless their
"hidden" attribute is set.
- enum QDir::Filter has some interesting values such as QDir::NoSymLinks and
QDir::System (http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/qdir.html#Filter-enum). The
semantics of DirectoryListThread don't allow for exploitation of these flags
and I have not made any attempt to include them. Maybe for a later effort ?
- use cases :
    a) Konqueror (type "/", various absolute paths, in the address bar)
checks OK
    b) Dolphin (type "/", various absolute paths, in the address bar)checks
    c) Dolphin, right-click on file >> Open with ... dialogue correctly
allows to browse folders whilst only displaying executable files.

There, I hope it works OK this time round.

Thanks for the continued patience in dealing with my efforts.


Michael O'Shea
P.S. I commented out the kdebug() calls and various other debug code
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