doubled entries in ksycoca?

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Fri Jun 27 21:20:16 BST 2008


while trying to fix ksyscocatest on windows I found a problem in my 
ksycoca cache. Some entries doubled.
Digging a little bit deeper I found out that the doubles are written in
KBuildMimeTypeFactory::savePatternLists() --> m_fastPatternDict->save(str)

I added some debug output:

keyStr offset &payload
"asc" 78230 0x1e7ef58
"asc" 82709 0x1ea07f8
"asc" 82709 0x1eb2610
"asc" 127207 0x1e17c48

Now I don't know how to investigate further. Any ideas?


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