[PATCH] KFileItem performance improvement

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Fri Jun 27 17:22:59 BST 2008

Hi David,

> > I think it's a good idea, but as with all caches, the main problem is
> > when to invalidate the cache. 1) if you rename foo.txt to foo.jpg the
> > icon used to change, but doesn't change  anymore, right? Or 2) if you use
> > the properties dialog to change the icon of a .desktop file,
> I'll take a look on those 2 issues (I won't have time until mid of next
> week for KDE -> I'll reply until the end of next week).

I had some unexpected time today -> I could solve issues 1. and 2. by the 
attached patch. You've been right, it's not that trivial as I initially 
thought. The cached version of the icon name may only be used _after_ the 
mime type is known, otherwise usecase 2. won't work at all.

Usecase 1. could be solved by clearing the cache in 
KFileItem::refreshMimeType(). As it cannot be seen very clear in the patch - 
m_iconName is cleared in:
- KFileItem::refreshMimeType()
- KFileItemPrivate::readUDSEntry()
- KFileItem::setUDSEntry()

I verified again whether the caching effect is still available and the results 
are very good (the mime type usually is available very early). I'm still 
amazed how often KFileItem::iconName() is invoked. E. g. hovering a file 
results in a lot of calls, as the icon is required for each step of the 
fade-in animation.

One note to usecase 2.: when changing the icon in the properties dialog, first 
a "binary data" icon is shown. Only after hovering the item, the correct icon 
is shown. This issue also occured _before_ my patch and must be fixed 
seperately. I have some more infos regarding this issue, but I think we 
should discuss this in a different thread.

> > 3) is the really hard one I think. There is no direct relation between
> > "ksycoca has new definition
> > for this mimetype" and "we need to clear the cache in all kfileitems".

I did not check this usecase yet, as - like you said - I think we can rely 
here on a reload by the user and does not work yet also without caching.

Any thoughts?


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