Smaller KDialogs if needed

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Wed Jun 25 22:30:45 BST 2008

Le mercredi 25 juin 2008, Albert Astals Cid a écrit :
> A Dimecres 25 Juny 2008, David Faure va escriure:
> > I don't understand.
> >
> > Yes, minimumSizeHint() is really minimum, but by default you get the
> > sizeHint() of all the widgets... so what's the problem with
> > minimumSizeHint() being really minimum? As long as you don't resize down
> > the dialog, you don't see how small things can get... Do you mean that
> > you want to prevent people from making dialogs very small? Normally if
> > all minimumSizeHint()s (and size policies) are correct, the dialog should
> > still be usable even when using the minimumSizeHint of all widgets....
> Right, notice how it's not me who enforced sizeHint there, i just came to
> de-enforce it when it results in a too big size.
> You should be talking to whoever feels responsible enough for that piece of
> code that it's not me.

I feel partially responsible.
But i can assure you it was not meant like that.

The minimumSizeHint should definitively always be the  minimum size the dialog 
can have.

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