Moving SvgPart from kdegraphics to kdebase/runtime

Tokarev Vyacheslav slava-t at
Mon Jun 16 17:09:41 BST 2008


I'm a gsoc student working on the SVG library for khtml 
(porting of WebKit's
one, actually).

I just wanted to point out that my project is to provide 
native svg support
for khtml. And I already have some working code in my branch. 
So there is a
chance that this code will be merged in with trunk for kde 

Also, that would be really helpful if you can provide the most 
needed features
from SVG renderer so I can put my efforts into doing the right 

Best regards,
Vyacheslav Tokarev (vtokarev)

On Monday 16 June 2008 21:59:59 Jakob Petsovits wrote:
> Hi list,
> Today I had wanted to fix Konqueror so it can also display SVG icons on the
> about:konqueror page. Seems I didn't get to that fix though -
> unfortunately, Konqueror cannot display SVGs in web pages by itself
> (neither with <embed> nor <object> nor <iframe> tag).
> The reason for this is that SVG support requires the SvgPart in
> kdegraphics, which I don't have installed in my KDE 4 dev environment. One
> would assume that this is the case for a lot of people out there, and all
> of those are going to miss out on SVGs in web pages.
> Worse yet, web developers can't rely on those being supported, which is an
> unfortunate situation considering that SvgPart enables this functionality
> with a single .cpp file that is only minimally larger than its header.
> So, for the sake of W3C standards compliance, can we please move SvgPart to
> kdebase/runtime so that it's installed everywhere where KHTML shows up?
> Or maybe kdelibs itself, depends on what you think is more appropriate.
> Given the size of the codebase, I can't imagine any of those to pose any
> problem, especially when compared to the obvious benefits.
> Please? Thanks,
>   Jakob

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