Borders (Was: Re: [PATCH] Fix infinite recursion in KdeuiWidgetsProxyStyle)

Aurelien Gateau aurelien.gateau at
Sun Jun 15 23:59:03 BST 2008

Tom Albers wrote:

> Op donderdag 12 juni 2008 00:09 schreef u:
>> They can be useful to debug too, you know. Want to see widget
>> boundaries? create tmp.css with this content:
>> -----------
>> * {
>>      border: 1px solid red;
>> }
>> -----------
>> And start your app like this:
>> myapp -stylesheet tmp.css
>> (this is a classic web design trick, I find it amusing that those tricks
>> can be applied to applications now)
> I get segfaults on the apps I tried it with. Sure these instructions are
> ok?

Yes I think they are. Which apps did you try? Maybe your kdelibs is too old?
the patch is in r820639.


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