Idea: SkipDirtyOnIdenticalValues WriteConfigFlag for KConfigBase / KConfig

Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at
Sat Jun 14 10:05:38 BST 2008

[hmm, i need to work on my latency these days :)]

On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 10:46:04AM +0200, David Faure wrote:
> On Saturday 24 May 2008, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> > it will not write a config when the
> > set value is the same as the default, while it should write the value
> > explicitly so the effective config does not change when the default
> > changes.
> ... and this is exactly why you need a flag, isn't it? :-)
well, no. not the one edulix proposed.

> In some cases you want the effective config to be stored, and in some
> cases you want to use the default value, even if it changes later.
that's a valid observation, one we made countless times before.  one
problem with it is that using it gets insanely complex - basically, each
config ui would need an option "use system setting" (if you just
hardcode it for some cases, the user will experience "surprises" now and

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