[patch] strip kwalletbackend md5 handling

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Fri Jun 13 23:50:03 BST 2008


the kwallet format uses md5 hashing for all of the wallet's keys. This was 
probably included to support loading data from the wallet file dynamically 
but never really used. However it is used to generate md5 hashes for newly 
inserted keys at runtime and insert them into a QList. This list is partly 
used to verify a key exists.

In my opinion this inefficient for 2 reasons:
- MD5 hashing takes time (albeit little)
- searching an MD5 hash in a QList is a lot slower than just using a QHash 
(instead of a QMap) to store all of the keys/passwords which are in memory 

Good things about removing it:
- faster
- less clutter

Drawbacks to the solution I propose:
- "When iterating over a QHash, the items are arbitrarily ordered. With QMap, 
the items are always sorted by key.", so retrieving a list of entries from a 
wallet would sport a different order on changing from QMap to QHash. However, 
as the ordering of the entries wasn't guaranteed in the first place I doubt 
any application is depending on that.

What do you think?

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