KMessageBox Fixed size

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Mon Jun 9 23:17:01 BST 2008

On Monday 09 June 2008, Kåre Särs wrote:
> On Monday 09 June 2008 21:31:51 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > > Would it be possible to have the dialog this small when it pops up, but
> > > let the user re-size the dialog manually.
> > >
> > > (Fixed size dialogs is one of the most annoying things can think of in
> > > GUIs)
> >
> > Which kdelibs revision are you running?
> >
> > Can you reproduce such problem with kmessageboxtest?
> >
> > Albert
> I'm currently using the Kubuntu beta packages. And now that you ask, I
> notice that there has been fixes to remove unneeded scrollbars after the
> beta :)
> Is there a reason why the dialogs aren't re-sizable?

It's likely due to the fact that Qt can properly layout objects with rich text 
that needs word-wrapped.  I hear it has something to do with a X11 limitation 
but it is annoying.  The problem shows up when you try to resize such a widget 
with rich text (even contained in a different widget); the layouting appears 
to forget to stop at the minimum size and allows you to resize to a very small 

I'd have to check the svn log to see the exact reason though.

 - Michael Pyne
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