[PATCH] ordering kcms in systemsettings

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Mon Jun 9 15:47:37 BST 2008

On Saturday 07 June 2008 09:02:14 Tobias K├Ânig wrote:
> Hej,
> the attached patch adds sorting of kcm modules to systemsettings, so now
> one can define via X-KDE-Weight entries in the .desktop files in which
> order the KCMs shall be listed when you click on a category item.
> For example under the 'Window Behaviour' category the Window Options module
> should be at the top and Window-Specific as the second entry, since the
> former is used more often than the second.
> The second attachment is my suggestion of the ordering of all KCMs in
> systemsettings.
> If no objections, I'd commit the patch to trunk since we should provide a
> nice default ordering for KDE 4.1 IMHO.
No comment on the default ordering, since I have no usability skills.
But the patch looks fine.

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