Use of library names (Akonadi, Solid, Nepomuk, Phonon etc.) in user interfaces

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at
Mon Jun 9 07:59:17 BST 2008

On Sunday, 8. June 2008, Michael O'Shea wrote:
> - if you want to cater to both : allow the user to choose at install time
> if they want to use wizards or if they're a power user (present it in
> non-condescending terms, and like John Lennon used to say : it's possible
> if you try). If a wizard user ever decide they want to break out of the
> hand-holding, they can easily go to power user from the splash screen,
> top-level wizard

I think KDE's usability experts made it clear that switching modes like this 
is *not* a good thing for anyone, and that discovering more options should 
*not* happen via a "Advanced..." button in the vast majority of cases.

Mainly because you cannot simply divide users into "power users" and
"casual users" - there are users on the one extreme side and users on the 
other one, but there are also lots of users anywhere between. Some are 
experts in a particular area while being "casual users" in other areas.

Coming up with several different interfaces for different target user groups 
is not what we want. It's the easy way out, but in the end a seamless 
transition from "casual user" to "power user" is the much more desirable 
solution. A complete break in user interfaces is not going to help making
that leap.


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