Use of library names (Akonadi, Solid, Nepomuk, Phonon etc.) in user interfaces

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sat Jun 7 13:57:00 BST 2008

2008/6/7 Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at>:
> Inside that panel, however, it would make All The Sense In The World(tm) to
> make mention of Nepomuk prominantly. So while the icon in System Settings
> might be labelled "Desktop Search" or something the header at the top of the
> actual panel when opened might say "Configure the Nepomuk semantic desktop
> search system."

Better: "Neopmuk Desktop Search" or "Search Your Computer"

How about the First-Time Wizard (The one that asks the user if she
prefers Windows, Mac, or KDE keybindings, localization, and other
options) have an option for "KDE Terminology" or "Simple Terminology"
with the latter as the safe default.

Dotan Cohen

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