kwallet and QCA

nf2 nf2 at
Wed Jun 4 02:53:55 BST 2008

I was also pondering about sharing the password storage. My approach 
would be somehow similar the KIO-Giobridge approach: Look if KWallet can 
be served by gnome-keyring in a migration phase, and as a second step 
write a thin Qt/C++ wrapper to the actual GLib based API to get the full 
keyring power (perhaps the KDE KWallet API can be deprecated later on). 
Similar to GIO, the IPC stuff inside keyring appears to be more complex 
than a simple D-Bus service - there are direct socket connections with a 
custom wire-protocol - therefore writing the client twice wouldn't make 
much sense to me. Just linking it in process with a Qt/C++ language 
binding seems more straight forward.

Actually - as i'm almost done with KIO-GIOBridge - my plan is to start 
coding such "thin" Qt/C++ bindings to several GLib based infrastructure 
libraries (GIO, keyring,...) soon - as working name i thought of 

I might disagree with Kevin here a bit - i don't think that trying to 
standardize D-Bus interfaces (the DAPI approach) and having multiple 
client and service implementations gets us any further. If libraries 
developed by GNOME fit our needs - lets just use them.


Robert Knight wrote:
> Hi,
> This doesn't answer your question directly but something that came up at
> FOSSCamp during the KDE/Gnome collaboration session and which also
> relates to upcoming specifications in Ubuntu and Fedora for
> single-sign-on* is that it would be useful to share the password
> management storage, API and/or code between gnome, KDE, Firefox,
> OpenOffice etc.  I don't know whether OpenSuSE are planning anything in
> this area.
> Since this is not particularly exciting stuff I think it was suggested
> that a single shared library could be used to do all of the backend
> work.  
> Unfortunately since QCA depends on Qt, I guess that might be a hard-sell
> as one of the dependencies.   
> Regards,
> Robert.
> * single-sign-on being the idea that when you login to your desktop, you
> also log into chosen web services at the same time - with usernames and
> passwords kept in KWallet/gnome-keyring etc.
> On Tue, 2008-06-03 at 12:46 +0200, Michael Leupold wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Sascha Peilicke and me were thinking about using QCA for kwallet. This would 
>> allow us to strip down the current implementation 
>> ( by quite a bit but 
>> would probably introduce some dependencies - I guess coding it so that any of 
>> the QCA plugins that are usable wouldn't be a problem.
>> Are there currently any QCA plugins that are hard requirements for kdelibs?
>> Regards,
>> Michael

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