GLib/GObject+C as the lingua franca?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Jul 30 20:38:28 BST 2008

Hi Norbert,

On Wednesday 30 July 2008, nf2 wrote:
> Will the refcounter be inside QObject or inside the pointer-holding class?
> Because in the latter case you would loose the refcount as soon as you
> just pass the pointer to a function or try to cast the pointer:
> QRefCountedPointer<A> a = new A();
> call_some_function(a.p);
> or
> QRefCountedPointer<B> = dynamic_cast<B*> a.p;

I didn't really follow the thread and actually I don't know whether I like 
what you want to do or not.

But, I find it really cool that you are very persistently working on these 
things and actually also get results :-)


P.S. will you be at Akademy ?

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