[PATCH] 3d look for kwin alt-tab window selector aka tabbox

pinheiro nuno at oxygen-icons.org
Wed Jul 23 11:49:15 BST 2008

A Wednesday 23 July 2008 11:39:28, Alexander Dymo escreveu:
> On Sunday 20 July 2008 07:09:01 Lucas Murray wrote:
> > Basically anything is better than what it is now. However the only
> > reason why there was no border is because the Oxygen doesn't give
> > frames with the "plain" style a border unlike every other theme (Try
> > switching to Plastik or something and the tabbox will have a border).
> Agree, but AFAIK Oxygen, QtCurve and Cleanlooks don't provide the border
> for styled panels today.
> > How does the box look when the background isn't white? What does it
> > look like in other themes? I'm not 100% sure but I think you will find
> > that the corners will actually have some glitches due to the rounding.
> Good catch, thanks! I've tried several themes and looks like Oxygen has
> problems with rounding - basically rounded corners have white background
> (instead of transparency). QtCurve, Cleanlooks, Plastique have no such
> issue. I'll try to dig into the code and see how to fix this.

we all have issues with curvatures and no hardware acel plastic clips the last 
pixel but its still not perfect 2 :( for 4.2 we plan to fix that wen hardware 
acel is available... 


core oxygen icon designer

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