Hi, some comments about encoding detection (KEncodingDetector)

Mark Kretschmann kretschmann at kde.org
Tue Jul 22 12:56:25 BST 2008

On 7/22/08, wang kai <fearee at gmail.com> wrote:
>  A composite approach to language/encoding detection :
>  http://www.mozilla.org/projects/intl/UniversalCharsetDetection.html
>  Firefox has a great Universal Charset Detection with a mix of above 3 methods.
>  I've tested another charset/encoding detector: python-chardet, it's
>  worse, Firefox' is the best  detector by far, Java already port it.
>  and its License(MPL) is a triple license now  and compatible with GPL.
>  i suggest you use it, not to re-invent the wheel.

FYI, we're now also using Mozilla's encoding detector in Amarok 2,
since KDE's method didn't seem as effective.

It would be nice to have Mozilla's detector in KDElibs though :)

Mark Kretschmann
Amarok Developer
www.kde.org - amarok.kde.org

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