[brainstorm] A kind of Solid for low-level software, one more KDE pillar

Alex Merry huntedhacker at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Jul 18 20:26:52 BST 2008

On Thursday 17 July 2008 09:29:13 BrĂ¡ulio Barros de Oliveira wrote:
> After looking to KDM's and related and I saw there is a many things that
> could go to multiplatform paradigm present in KDE4.
> When I saw KDM inspecting directly to linux proc and parsing it files'
> strings, that has no standard format, I became sad that its was a so
> low-level access and so platform-dependent.

KDM is kind of a special case, as I understand it.  The backend is based on 
XDM and is modified on the basis that, in theory at least, the code could be 
merged back into XDM.  As a result, it can't use things like Qt or the KDE 
libraries, which is where most of our nice abstractions come from.

Also, KDM only needs to work on unices - MacOS and Windows have their own 
login managers.


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