Request to move KGameTheme* classes from kdegames to kdelibs

Vladimir ks.vladimir at
Sun Jul 13 01:08:40 BST 2008


KGameTheme class is basically a wrapper for loading .desktop file which 
describes a theme and reading some common properties from it. 
KGameThemeSelector is a widget which allows the user to select one of the 
installed theme with nice preview and description. Both classes are quite 
generic and almost free from kdegames dependencies (except the name but it 
can be changed).

The reason to move these classes is the ability to use them in kdeedu 
programs, namely Step and Parley. Frederik and I could handle all work 
required to move the classes and fix programs from kdegames which uses them.

The new place for the classes could be kdelibs/kutils, and the names could be 
KTheme and KThemeSelector. Is it OK ?

      Best Regards,

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