[PATCH] KFileDialog overwrite confirmation

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Mon Jul 14 03:19:34 BST 2008


Well, I know how it works ;), what I meant is if setConfirmOverride _needs_ to 
be virtual.

However, for a better portability I'd suggest for the future using an enum 
instead of an int. This way we could do something like:

// TODO KDE 5: Add this virtual methods and remove them from the hook
enum NewVirtualMethods {
	setConfirmOverride = 0

and you do something like:

void KAbstractFileWidget::setConfirmOverride(bool b)
	virtual_hook(setConfirmOverride, static_cast<void*>(&b));

void KFileWidget::virtual_hook(NewVirtualMethods method, void *data)
	switch(method) {
		case setConfirmOverride:
			bool *b = static_cast<bool*>(data);
		default: // this depends !, virtual_hook is pure virtual
			 // here !!
			KAbstractFileWidget::virtual_hook(method, data);

I have never thought on this pretty good technique for extending classes in a 
clean way. I really think we should do this more commonly.

Rafael Fernández López.
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