[PATCH] KFileDialog overwrite confirmation

Michael Pyne mpyne at purinchu.net
Mon Jul 14 00:03:07 BST 2008

On Sunday 13 July 2008, Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> Hi,
> > Btw KAbstractFileWidget does not inherit QObject so i can't make it
> > emitting signals. Can i make another class in the same files which emits
> > the signal when called from KAbstractFileWidget? Or there is something
> > prettier to do this?
> OK, I didn't notice this. You are right.
> Does this method needs to be virtual (as before said by others) ? If
> not, just add the implementation on KAbstractFileWidget too.
> In the case it needs to be virtual, I guess you can do a workaround.
> We can forget the signal/slot thing for now. I would suggest adding a
> protected d pointer on KAbstractFileWidget, something like:

Doesn't KAbstractFileWidget already have a virtual_hook() virtual function 
which you can use?  My understanding was that this was the intent of 

You could then have a non-virtual function in KAbstractFileWidget whose 
implementation packages up the parameters for virtual_hook() and then calls 
virtual_hook().  Subclasses would then have to reimplement virtual_hook() if 
they needed to change the behavior though so it may not be the best way I 
guess if there's an easier way.

 - Michael Pyne
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