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Michael Jansen kde at
Thu Jul 10 21:05:53 BST 2008


i just commited the new standard shortcuts KCM. It is now again possible to 
configure shortcuts like Cut/Copy/Paste ... for all applications at once.

There is a danger in that. It's very easy to produce shortcut conflicts with 
that kcm. When changing a default shortcut in this kcm it is impossible to 
check if there is any application out there using this shortcut.

When such an application with a conflicting shortcut starts next time nothing 
happens. When this conflicting shortcut is triggered nothing happens either. 
We only have conflict checking on shortcut configuration, and qt has a feature 
that conflicting shortcut do not trigger the activated() signal but the 
activatedAmbiguously() signal. That could be frustrating for a user. I will 
try to come up with a solution informing the user when using such an ambigous 
shortcut using that signal but we will see if it is doable.

Because of that we probably want to keep the number of kde wide standard 
shortcuts down.

If a shortcuts is a standard shortcut and configurable is determined by 
kdelibs/kdeui/actions/kstandardaction_p.h . If idAccel there is not 
KStandardShortcut::AccelNone the actions shortcut is configurable by the new 

Now the question is where to draw the line. Currently i only left out the 
"About XYZ" Action because it seems to be silly and the "Open Recent" standard 
action because it is no action in the strict sense. It is a submenu and 
triggering it wil have no effect. 

So discussion is open to all interested people which action to further 

Another question is wether to warn the user when doing changes of these 
possible conflicts and that the changes will only get active after an restart 
of an application.


Michael Jansen
Available for contract work ( Development / Configuration Management )

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