[Fwd: [Bug 166112] New: toolbar position not or invalid saved or restored]

Andreas Zehender az at azweb.de
Thu Jul 10 20:04:55 BST 2008


can someone please check if that bug still exists in kde 4.1 branch?
Applications with many toolbars are almost unusable with that bug. Can
be reproduced with kalendar and kpovmodeler.

See http://www.azweb.de/tmp/toolbarbug.png


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Betreff: 	[Bug 166112] New: toolbar position not or invalid saved or
Datum: 	9 Jul 2008 06:12:05 -0000
Von: 	Andreas Zehender <zehender at kde.org>
Antwort an: 	166112 at bugs.kde.org
An: 	zehender at kde.org

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            Summary: toolbar position not or invalid saved or restored
            Product: kdelibs
            Version: unspecified
           Platform: unspecified
         OS/Version: Linux
             Status: NEW
           Severity: normal
           Priority: NOR
          Component: kdeui
         AssignedTo: kdelibs-bugs kde org
         ReportedBy: zehender kde org

Version:           unknown (using 4.00.84 (KDE 4.0.84 (KDE 4.1 >= 
20080625) "release 1.3", KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop / openSUSE_11.0)
Compiler:          gcc
OS:                Linux (i686) release

1) Move a toolbar to another line or position (top/left), then close the 
application. The toolbar will be on the old position after restart. When 
you change the icon size after moving, the position and icon size is 
saved. Can be reproduced with every application.

2) Long toolbars with icons only are not correctly saved or restored. 
Start kpovmodeler (extragear/graphics), move some object toolbars to the 
second line, and set icons to "icons only". There should be more icons 
than fit on the second line.
After first restart the toolbars are very tight together and do not use 
the whole row. After second restart (without changing anything) the 
toolbars are not visible any more and are not accessible.

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