Consensus on the kdelibs coding style

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Jul 10 18:58:58 BST 2008

On Thursday 10 July 2008, Maksim Orlovich wrote:
> >> But I doubt that it will be really useful, as the membership isn't
> >> maintaining kdelibs, so you won't get a very meaningful result.
> >
> > as in other cases, the e.v. membership is the best representation of
> > concerned people we have.
> Just because it's the best representation doesn't mean it's good
> representation. The reality is that the e.V. selection procedures are
> biased against coding contributors, as those who do promotion are
> more in line with the expected goals of the e.V:

I actually agree with Ossi.
I think the eV is big enough so that a vote should qualify as being 
representative for KDE developers (we could even say: "please vote only if 
you are a developer"). 
It's not meant to make any decision.
Just if we see, the result is 50/50, this would be a clear sign it's not 
unanimous, if it's 90/10, it is.

Problem is, it's the only thing we have, so due to the lack of other 
alternatives it's the best one ;-)


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