[patch] KdePrint::createPrintDialog() on non-X11

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Thu Jul 10 01:47:27 BST 2008

On Thursday 10 July 2008 01:07:17 John Layt wrote:
> > Hmm. I am a bit surprised to hear that as I remember you being one of the
> > driving forces behind dumping the KDEPrint code for 4.0.
> Then you remember wrong.  The decision that KDEPrint was too broken to make
> KDE4 in time was made by people with far more experience and knowledge than
> me, I was just the annoying guy asking lots of ignorant questions to try
> help find the best solution, and later the janitor cleaning up around the
> edges. Would you have preferred we shipped with non-functioning printing?

Which was an admirable undertaking to say the least. I found it brave back 
then, and I still think it's an outstanding display of character. Kudos!

BTW, sorry to hear about those private issues, John. I hope you're getting 
back on top of it quickly...

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