khtmlimage default for images instead of gwenview kpart?

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Wed Jul 2 22:03:10 BST 2008

More on this. I worked on it at lunch break today and I can see a few 
possible solutions. The first thing I am sure is that Gwenview KPart 
should not use a statusbar extension when outside Gwenview. It's just 
too troublesome to manage.

Here are my options:

1. Get rid of the statusbar when GVPart is used outside of Gwenview. 
Provide normal-size, zoom-to-fit, zoom-in, zoom-out buttons in the toolbar.

- Easy to implement

- No way to zoom from Plasmoid (except if there's a context menu, I 
haven't tested)
- Introduce more behavior differences between GVPart in Gwenview and 
GVPart in Konqueror, Akregator, Plasmoid...

2. Get rid of the statusbar everywhere, back to the same zoom buttons as 
in Gwenview 2.0

- Easy to implement
- Can help getting rid of the statusbar in Gwenview, which eats vertical 
space (needs to find a place for the "Thumbnails" button, though)

- Zooming slider fans will yell
- Adds quite a few buttons to the toolbar

3. Get rid of the statusbar everywhere. Provide autohiding, overlayed 
widgets to control zooming. Something like this:

- Looks nifty
- Gets rid of the statusbar in Gwenview, which eats vertical space
- Provide zooming slider in all situations

- Requires more invasive changes
- Some users won't like having widgetry over their images

I worked on #3 today and will probably keep this work in a separate 
branch, but I am leaning toward #1 for KDE 4.1, because I think the 
necessary changes for #3 are a bit more than bug fixing.

What do you think about this?


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