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Wed Jul 2 20:59:31 BST 2008

On Wednesday 02 July 2008, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 02, 2008 at 04:51:21PM +0200, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> > part of that hesitation is that I worry about indiscriminate
> > application of those scripts, leading to a loss of meaningful SVN
> > history through indiscriminate re-lay-outing.
> luckily, svn ann gained an option to ignore whitespace changes, making
> this a non-worry to those who care to read the doc.

this is really good news; do you happen to know when it gained this option and 
what the command line for it is? (and if we can make websvn use it? ;)

if not, i'm sure i can google all the answers in short order on my own.

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