A few issues of porting Google Gadgets to plasma

Dong Tiger idlecat511 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 07:23:00 BST 2008


I am working on porting Google Gadgets to plasma. I am facing following
issues and would like to hear your opinions.

1. GGL(Google Gadgets for Linux) has its own GadgetBrowser. I want to use it
to install gadgets and add gadgets to desktop as an plasma applet. Does
plasma support this?

2. We have a QWidget subclass, QtViewWidget, that can draw a view of a
Google gadget and accept input from mouse and keyboard. To reuse the code, I
tried to use WoC approach. But the result is not so good. Check out the
screen shot attached. The black part is supposed to be transparent. What I
can do with it?

3. Currently, GGL has one stable javascript runtime which is implemented
with spidermonkey. I don't feel comfortable that GGL on plasma has to link
to spidermonkey. So I wrote a runtime with QtScript. But it turned out a lot
of Google gadgets use syntax from M$ jscript that QtScript doesn't support.
And I don't have much confidence on the quality of QtScript.
    Thus, I need to choose between kjs and webkit. But QtWebKit doesn't
support standalone usage of its javascript engine. It looks only kjs is a
valid choice. What do you think?

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