khtmlimage default for images instead of gwenview kpart?

Daniel Winter dw at
Tue Jul 1 23:36:32 BST 2008


as RC 1 is approaching I would like to discuss an issue here. 

There are some problems with the gwenview kpart (used by konqueror, akreagtor 
and others for viewing images). 

See Bug #161443

They (Konqueror  and Akregator) have that issue on at least two major german 
websites (one of them in the top 10 of most visited websites) and their feeds. 
Also other sites in different languages may be affected. 

I looked into the source, but well I do not know enough of the workings of 
kparts and so on to  fix it. 

It affects a lot of users (see the number of bug reports) giving them a really 
bad experince with Konqueror and Akreagtor.  

A possible "fix" would be to make khtmlimage the default embedded viewer for 
images. But I do not know the cons of that. Can gvpart do things that are not 
possible with khtmlimage?

What do you think?


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