New class KWidgetBlendAnimation

Frerich Raabe raabe at
Thu Jan 31 18:30:18 GMT 2008

Hi Matthias,

Matthias Kretz schrieb:
> while playing with possible UI effects I think I found a rather useful one: 
> Fade UI changes.

> The class is attached. Please comment on the naming, usefulness, dox and 
> whether we want to have it in kdeui for 4.1. (I want to use it in my Phonon 
> KCM unless I can be convinced that there's a better UI hint than this 
> animation).

I didn't build your class but I just looked at the code a bit and wondered:

Why do you grab a pixmap of the to-be-changed-widget in the constructor 
(and then install an event filter on the widget so that you get all 
paint events so you can update your pixmap)?

Isn't it possible to just grab a pixmap within start()? Hmm, you'd need 
to show something until start() is called. Maybe you could hide() 
yourself, or make yourself transparent, or resize to 0x0 pixels or so?

- Frerich

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