[PATCH] Reset signal handlers in KProcess child

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Thu Jan 31 20:07:21 GMT 2008

On Friday 25 January 2008 23:22:55 Robert Knight wrote:
> Hi,
> K3Process used to reset signal handler for all signals to SIG_DFL just
> after forking.  QProcess/KProcess currently do not do this.  This
> caused a problem in Konsole where pressing Ctrl+C did terminate many
> programs run in the shell because they inherited a SIG_IGN handler for
> the SIGINT signal from the shell which inherited it from Konsole.
> Konsole ultimately inherited SIGINT from somewhere else, it looks like
> KDM might be the cause (See process.c:Fork)
> The attached patch causes KProcess to reset its child's signal
> handlers back to SIG_DFL in setupChildProcess().  Is this the right
> solution?

Was there a consensus on how to solve this?
Sure would be nice to have Ctrl+C working in konsole.
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