KDE 4 Feature Plan is Up

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Thu Jan 31 14:15:16 GMT 2008


The KDE 4 Feature Plan wiki [1] is now open.

Please add to this list any feature you hope to implement during the
KDE 4 lifecycle: not just for KDE 4.1, but for any future KDE 4.x release.

Note: After 31 March, trunk will be frozen for feature commits that are not listed in the  Feature Plan.  So, please add features you want in KDE 4.1
at your earliest convenience.

There are three templates you should use when editing the wiki:
  {{FeatureDone|project|description|email-address|first-name last-name}}
  {{FeatureInProgress|project|description|email-address|first-name last-name}}
  {{FeatureTodo|project|description|email-address|first-name last-name}}

Also, you might want to look at the very old 4.0 feature plan[2] and transfer
any applicable items. 

Allen, KDE Release Team



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