kdelibs/cmake/modules patches

Alex Merry huntedhacker at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Jan 29 10:34:36 GMT 2008

At Monday 28 January 2008 18:09, you wrote:
> At the kde-freebsd team, we have make some simple patches to fix some linkage 
> errors, that will sometimes link to KDE3/Qt3 instead of KDE4/Qt4. These 
> patches work on FreeBSD, and have been tested on Linux (Arch) as well. We 
> would like to get these into the upstream. Can you look these over and check 
> their appropriateness? If okay I can check them into 4.0 and trunk.

It doesn't look like there's anything objectionable in there, but kde-buildsystem at kde.org might be a better place to check.


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