[PATCH] Unbreak global shortcuts configuration

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Mon Jan 28 23:06:23 GMT 2008

On ne 27. ledna 2008, Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
> I guess people will object against applying the patches until #0 is fixed,
> but I would like to have feedback about the others nevertheless.

 I have a question: After writing these patches, do you understand how 
KdedGlobalAccel is supposed to work or is this just patching things up? From 
looking at the patches I get the feeling it's the sooner :) , if that's the 
case, could you please share this knowledge with others and write it down 
somewhere in kdedglobalaccel.cpp? It'd be really stupid to repeat the KDE3 
KGlobalAccel case when every change meant just adding more hacks on top of 
previous hacks. Your patches already change some things and there are more to 
come (using i18n'ed text() when every KAction has an internal name is pretty 
bad; the list of shortcuts in the kcm is alphabetically sorted which means 
it's a random mess in practice, especially with the grouping from KDE3 lost; 
shortcuts of all kded modules show up as 'kded' in the kcm). Thanks.

 The patches look ok to me[*], if I'm any judge here (I actually understand 
kdedglobalaccel better after seeing them, but it still could be better).

[*] With the #0 patch being just a temporary hack indeed.

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