building kde4 with old compilers ?

David Faure faure at
Mon Jan 28 13:35:57 GMT 2008

On Monday 28 January 2008, Marc Espie wrote:
> I'm seeing quite a few places where I have to make small changes
> for gcc 3.3 to grok the code...
> More or less, it's always the same: gcc 3.3 can't grok a composite
> constructor like 
> KDirSelectDialog dialog(KUrl(), true, this);
> so I have to split it into an extra temp variable like
>     KUrl k;
>     KDirSelectDialog dialog(k, true, this);
> Is there a better solution ? can I commit fixes for this kind of problem
> without any objection ?

Yes, assuming you name it empty instead of k ;-)

But for this particular one, I think it's worth adding a KDirSelectDialog constructor that takes only bool (well, enum would be better) and QWidget* parent.
You could then port any problematic code like the above to this new constructor, except in code that should remain compileable with kdelibs-4.0
(but I don't think we have any of that in svn except for kdepimlibs+kdepim AFAIK; check with the koffice and extragear guys too).
At least kdebase and other trunk/KDE modules that were released with 4.0 (all except kdepim*) should be fine to be ported to the new API.

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