CMake 2.4.8 available for download

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman-5opLkZggLXlBDgjK7y7TUQ at
Wed Jan 23 19:47:48 GMT 2008

On behalf of myself, Ken, Brad, Dave, Alex and the rest of the CMake 
team, we are pleased to announce that CMake 2.4.8 is available for 
download at:

If you have any problems or find any bugs, please report them at:

A list of changes for the 2.4 release tree is included below.

Thanks Bill

Changes in CMake 2.4.8
* MSVC90 now defined for vs 9
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 13
* fix vs 9 so it works, again...
* fix bug 6150, working directory can now change drives with vs custom
* fix windows vista elevation issue with CMakeSetup.exe
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 12
* Fix vs 9 so cmake can find it
* Fix bug 6230 MODULE install with versions was broken
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 11
* Remove ability to select install location for mac (it does not work)
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 10
* Fix for FindQt4 and glib and gthread, if not found don't use
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 9
* add some descriptive text to the mac installer
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 8
* Add ability to select install location for mac
* Add list(FIND) because it is used in new FindQt4.cmake
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 7
* Fix tar long file path issue with cpack
* Add beta support for VS 9
* Fix variable name in docs for FindPkgConfig bug 5722
* Fix for bug 5645 ifort bad pic flag on linux
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 6
* Fix for bug 6006 INSTALL DIRECTORY signature problem
* Update FindQt4 from CVS Head for many bug fixes
* Fix bug 5638 CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX not working on SunOS with CC
* Fix bug 6117 FindPkgConfig can run twice now
* Fix bug 6124 touch.exe was required for fortran
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 5
* Fix bug 6106 FindPerlLibs.cmake missing escaped $
* Allow NODEFAULTLIBS to have more than one value bug 5455
* Suppress regeneration of makefiles during try compile avoid infinite
   loop in trycompile with some vs 2005 builds.
* Rest of Fix for fix 5363, removes warning on vs 6
* Allow for debug libraries in InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.cmake for vs8
* Fix for bug 4605 JavaEmbedding.framework should not be used.
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 4
* fix for cpack and messing up PATH with NSIS
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 3
   returns value containing $(OutDir)
* Better error from ctest if nightly time not set
* Fix for exception handling flags in VS 2003 and up
* Avoid relinking exclude-from-all directory targets before install
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 2
* fix for bug 5590 relative paths in windows not working across drives
* fix warning/error with TAR_VERBOSE flag
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 1
* Fix for kde4-config location
* Fix for self extracting .sh files on solaris
* Remove KDE3_ENABLE_FINAL (did not work)
* KDE3 fix for 64 bit location of plugins
* mark PYTHON_EXECUTABLE as advanced
* Fix for version numbers on NetBSD
* Add more search directories (install prefix and cmake location)
* include WindowsPaths in Windows.cmake not just Windows-cl.cmake
* documentation fix for file, find_package, try_run
* add IS_ABSOLUTE to if
* INSTALL() everything which doesn't have a COMPONENT set, is assigned
   to the COMPONENT "Unspecified"
* make #cmakedefine output match autoconf when undefined
* document cmake remove -f
* document order of -D and -P
* add support for DragonFly and GNU hurd
* fix for fortran depends doing too many scans
Changes in CMake 2.4.7
--- RC 11 ----
* Fix bug 5238 for cygwin versioned executables

* Allow for platform choice of executable shared libs install

* Fix @ONLY issues with RC 10

* Add -E make_directory to cmake executable
--- RC 10 ----
* Fix rebuild problem with makefiles and cmake vs CMakeSetup
--- RC 9 ---
* Fix problem with \@ in configure files bug# 5130
--- RC 8 ---
* Fix bug 5121 crash with build test on and vs

* Fix bug 5096 add_library and EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL not working
--- RC 7 ---
* Fix @ in Xcode projects

* add some fixes for FindSWIG.cmake

* Fix new line stuff in UsePkgConfig.cmake

* Add new FindPkgConfig.cmake from CVS

* improve docs for try_compile and list commands

* fix for bug 4384, preserve sym links in install directory

* Use platform variable for link path exclusion added in RC6

--- RC 6 ---
* Fix stack reporting bug in macros and include

* Fix double quote in -D flags for vs broken in RC 5

* Fix problem with newer curl and curl_getdate changes

* Do not emit link paths /usr/lib32 and /usr/lib64 with -L

---RC 5 ----
* Fix for bug# 4423, LANGUAGE property now works in VS IDE

* Fix for RUN_TESTS running the tests twice in VS IDE

* Do not create import libraries for modules on borland

* Fix for FILE(RELATIVE_PATH) # 4482

* Fix for apple lack of support for isystem flag

* Fix for Borland skipping make rules with no depends

* Fix for bug #4423 set source file properties LANGUAGE not always working

* Fix for bug #4462 isystem not supported on OSX

* Fix bug in save of resize of CMakeSetup

* Fix for @@ in file names

* Fix for if command scope issues

* Fix for relative path issue with paths ending in /.

* CMakeSetup saves the size of the dialog from the last run

* Fix for bug 4399, find qt designer on mac

* Fix for bug 4420 include unicode libs in cpack for vs8

* Fix for bug 4414 add_dependencies and set_target_properties can set
any target not just the ones in the current directory.

* Add support for cygwin setup packages to setup

* Fix uninstall with DESTDIR

* If COMPILE_FLAGS is changed on a target the object files will now

* Fix Bug 3512 - precompiled header flag mapping on VS.

* Do not run custom commands with relative paths if the working
directory is set.

* Fix bugs 3277, 4341, 4341 make pdb files match the target name correctly

* handle user set NODEFAULTLIB correctly in VS projects

* Fix external project for VS 2005 service pack 1 GUID not set correctly

* Fix Kdevelop problem where files could end up duplicated

Changes in CMake 2.4.6

* Remove svn test in ctestctest3

* Fix for FIND_* order and framworks with PREFIX usage.

* Fix for FindDoxygen and quiet mode.

* Find JavaVM as well as jvm

* Look for ruby1.8 and ruby

* Fix for cpack and dash

* Fix for finding custom commands from a full path with CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR.

* Fix for Borland make and custom commands that do nothing

Changes in CMake 2.4.5
* Fix for seg fault when a macro runs a bad command BUG# 3815

* Fix fix for foo.dll.lib that does not brea -L/usr/lib in link names

* Fix problem with LIBRARY_OUTPUT_PATH and linking to a dll foo.dll.lib
  instead of foo.lib

* Do not depend on optimized libraries for a debug build and visa versa.

* Fix target name matching custom command output conflict.

* Fix FindQt3 so that it does not find qt4

* Fix FindKDE4 so that it only looks for kde4-config

Changes in CMake 2.4.4

* CMake Version numbers on module directory

* elseif added

* Fix docs in CheckCSourceCompiles CheckCXXSourceCompiles and diagnostic

* added Check(C/CXX)SourceRuns.cmake, CheckCXXCompilerFlag.cmake, Check

* add static and shared flags to make sure the specified versions of
  libraries are used with -static -lfoo -shared -lbar

*  Search for the compiler only once and store a full path. avoids problems
  with PATH changes in cmake re-runs.

* make sure manifest files are generated with VS 8

* added FindASPELL.cmake, FindBZip2.cmake FindHPELL.cmake, FindJasper.cmake
  FindLibXml2.cmake, FindLibXslt.cmake, FindOpenSSL.cmake

* fix for bug#3646 GLUT not Glut for framework name

* many fixes for FindKDE3.cmake

* Better FindPNG that honors REQUIRED and looks in more places.

* Support to find python 2.5

* Find Qt3 better

* Find Qt4 better and work with qmake and qmake-qt4 on the same machine.

* Much better FindRuby.cmake

* More stuff marked as advanced in FindTcl and FindSDL

* FindwxWidgets runs shell script wx-config with sh

* Support for cpack and vs8 install libraries

* Darwin shared library create and Fortran now work

* Support for isystem directories INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES (SYSTEM)

* Targets in makefiles to create pre-processed files and assembly files
  can be turned off with these variables:

* Support for QNX

* Better default search paths for unix and FIND_* stuff

* Use link /lib and not lib to create static libraries with MS

* Useqt4 works with static qt4 and other fixes

* UseSwig.cmake interface to add extra dependencies.

* Added APPEND option to ADD_CUSTOM_COMMAND, Added VERBATIM option to


* Fix automatic computation of binary path to work for subdirectories of out
  of source directories.  This addresses bug#3592.

* --debug-ouput to cmake that gives stack trace to message send error
  The stack trace is no longer there without it.

* + can be in a variable

* Do not replace @VAR@ syntax in list files.  This addresses bug #2722

* much faster depend scanning

* do depends on system include directories

* Permission and install directory fixes

* New target property <CONFIG>_LOCATION (Debug, Release, etc)

* fix exclude from all in VS

* fix code completion problem in KDevelop

* Define MSYS when using msys generator

* fix referencece to projects outside the build tree VS 7,8

* Fix ZERO_CHECK to not always try and rebuild

* Fix Xcode universal binary rebuild problem

* add FILE_IS_NEWER to if command

* Add OPTIONAL to INSTALL command fix bug at 2922

* add SORT and REVERSE to LIST command

* fix for seg fault bug #3815

* add SYBOLIC as a source file property see SET_SOURCE_FILES_PROPERTIES

* fix ctest valgrind if no coverage is done

* better message if bogus generator is specified.

* Better FindJava and FindJNI

* Fix doxygen.config for CMake


* Fix configuration for ctest dashboard targets Experimental, Nightly, etc

* Fix FindDoxygen for mac and app-bundles

* Fix CPack simple install test with NSIS

* Allow EXECUTE_PROCESS to strip trailing white space

* Fix mingw echo in makefiles

* Fix Xcode to not mess up -gdwarf-2

* Fix crash when "linking" to custom targets.

* Allow HEADER_FILE_ONLY to not compile the file in VS 7 and 8

* Fix mingw out of binary with spaces in the path.

* Fix for sudo make install (partial)

* Allow installed zlib, curl, expat, xmlrpc to be used.

* Add CMakeDependentOption.cmake module

* Allow projects to set install prefix default

* improved Find/Use wxWidgets

* add support for windows dll version numbers

* Fix message for -G when generator does not exist

* Fix html references in help

* Fix version on .exe cygwin

* allow global timeout in ctest

* Fix some odd cases with custom commands in VS 6

* Fix path suffix stuff with lib64 in FIND_* stuff.

* Fix delete in CMakeSetup to not change the current position in the list

* Fix debug stl run of ctest on Mac

* Use #2 for manifest nt command on dll and #1 on exe

* Add depends from files inside qrc files in qt

* Fix explort_library_depends to work with optimized and debug

Changes in CMake 2.4.3

* fix for 3557 - Under MSVC8 hardcoded TargetEnvironment for MIDL Compiler

* Fix for Xcode all projects to prevent -fvisibility=hidden flags. This is
needed to make RTTI work by default.

* better prototype for main in try compile of c programs avoids warnings in

* with visual studio do not use incremental linking for release builds by

* fix bootstrap to use more ansi c main it test compiler

* fix import build settings to do case insensitive match on windows

* fix building in root directory c:/

* Add support for CXX only projects

* Better FindWxWidgets

* Added FindBoose.cmake

* add more fortran file extensions

* Cpack supports multiple packages at the same time

* Fix to FindKDE4 to look for kde4-config first

* Support for env var CMAKE_CONFIG_TYPE in ctest

* Fix for -DVAR=foo on the command line not saving to the cache

* ENH: Added creation of XXX_FIND_COMPONENTS list of all components
  withREQUIRED option.  This addresses the feature request in bug#3494.

* Object files get safe names

* progress is now reported with makefiles

* location of CMakeTmp changed to a varible

* CMAKE_COLOR_MAKEFILE cache variable available to turn off color output

* fixes for FindQt4 on mac.

* Better search paths for finding VTK

* Fix relative path problems in ADD_SUBDIRECTORY

* Fix long link commands on UNIX shells

* Fix depend file names in makefiles for generated headers

* CMAKE_ALLOW_LOOSE_LOOP_CONSTRUCTS allows for if/endif without variable

* Xcode multiple custom command problem fixed.

* INSTALL_RPATH_USE_LINK_PATH when true will add the link path to the rpath

* Add target/fast rules in the sub directories

* Fix Visual studio C and C++ targets to not add /TP and /TC

* print a context when cmake errors occur

* add rxvt-unicode, cygwin, and screen terminal support for color output

* Fix crash in CMakeSetup when status line is long

* make sure try compile files have a newline at the end

* fix for hp itanium build

Changes in CMake 2.4.2

* Run symlink command from correct directory for executable versions

* Fix for universal binaries and Xcode depend problem

* Changes to LIST command, see --help-command LIST

* Fix FindQT to be able to use full paths to source files

* Fix CPack ZIP on windows command line problem

* Find executables with no extension on windows mingw

* Fix FindQt3 to use QTDIR over path

* Significant speedup in try-compile for nmake

* CPack improvments including tar bzip2

* FindQt4 windows path fix

* Sunos cc optimize flags are correct

* Fix crash with ${} empty variable

* Increase depend speed on Mac OS.

* install command CONFIGURATIONS option.

* Fix MSVC60, MSVC70, MSVC71, MSVC80 definitions for IDE builds

* Fix for C++ compiler being used for c code in VS IDE

Changes in CMake 2.4.1

* Several ctest and cpack bug fixes

* Many updates and fixes for FindQt4.cmake

* Fix CMAKE_REQUIRED_FLAGS in CheckCXXSourceCompiles.cmake

* Handle running make from a symlinked build tree

* Automatic color ouput detection for shells building with make

* Kdevelop generator handles CMakeFiles directory better

* add correct depend information for fluid

* allow the cache to be saved even if a fatal error occurs

* fix bug in relative path subdir and add_subdirectoy commands

* support in vs for two object files with the same name

* short file names used for library paths in visual studio

* package target only shows up when you have cpack config files

* Use dl and not -ldl for adding in the dynamic library

* Fix check c/cxx source compiles macros to not clobber log files

* Fix nmake version detection of cl and create correct pdb files

* Fix msys bootstrap

* Change color output to be more readable

* Fix vs6 library naming

Changes in CMake 2.4.0

* CPack beta

* Visual Studio 2005 win64 support

* Improved install support


* Improved support for finding/using OSX Frameworks

* Multiple output support for custom commands

* Color output in make with vt100 terminals CMAKE_COLOR_MAKFILE

* Better variables for MSVC MSVC80

* Library path order is preserved

* Fix for text file busy in xcodebuild runs

* Better bundle support on OSX

* ctest -S scripts can run in new process with new environment

* OSX universal binary support

* Watcom support

* MinGW and MSYS support

* Visual studio 2005 manifest support

* Better handling of RPATH, no longer put rpath in install tree


* ctest captures output from vcexpress

* cmake --help-module can give help for cmake modules

* Lots of bug fixes

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