[PATCH] Rename dialog is too big (or too narrow)

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Mon Jan 21 16:48:19 GMT 2008

On Monday 21 January 2008, David Faure wrote:
> I think that having the full path in the dialog helps users to avoid 
making a mistake.

I'm not sure, maybe. 

> The whole point of that dialog is to let the user make sure that he's 
> the old file with the new file and not the other way round. Showing 
full paths helps
> making sure of that.
> The wording "a file named %1" is not too wrong in user's terms IMHO, I 
> "a file with path %1" would be too technical, you see.

Well, a file name "/home/user/blalabla/whatever.txt" *sounds* wrong to 
me. :) The name of that file is whatever.txt. In such cases I think "the 
file %1" would be better.
Anyway, I'm not fighting for this, just that the dialog should fit on my 
screen (which btw is 1600 pixels wide...). An idea would  be to show the 
full path only on mouse hover, but this might not be so good from 
accessibility point of view.

> If the problem is only a layouting problem then it should be fixed 
with a layouting fix,
> not by showing less information. As often the real question is: did 
kde3 behave okay about this?

KDE3 has the problem with badly squeezing the text, just like KDE4 when 
you copy something else, not audio or image file. For example for the 
same file I get the information that a file called "...mp3" exists and 
the source file is "/m..ing The Blade.mp3". I doubt that this 
information helps the user. :)

But you're right, we probably need to fox KSqueezedTextLabel. The 
question is how much do we want to replace with "..." from the url.
I think at least the filename should almost always be visible. Maybe do 
an "lsqueeze" with a specified length, which makes sure it always fits 
on a 800x600 screen?


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