How to do post-4.0 icon naming changes

Hans Meine hans_meine at
Sun Jan 20 17:16:27 GMT 2008

On Sonntag 20 Januar 2008, Jakob Petsovits wrote:
> On Sunday, 20. January 2008, Hans Meine wrote:
> > On Dienstag 15 Januar 2008, David Faure wrote:
> > > It doesn't need to be "smart-ass" :), but a simple mapping file could
> > > be read by KIconLoader in order to keep behavior compatibility indeed.
> > > Just a file with
> > > kde-4.0-icon-name kde-4.1-icon-name
> > > kde-4.0-icon-name kde-4.1-icon-name
> > > ...
> > > and a QHash<QString,QString> in the code.
> >
> > Note that this would only work if you update the code and all icon themes
> > along.
> You must not be required to update the code, that's the point behind all of
> this.

Ah, I was not clear: with "update the code and all icon themes along", I meant 
update *kdelibs* and e.g. kdeartwork along.

> New icons in the core theme have always required 3rd party themes to be
> updated, and for applications that use new icon names, those are
> essentially "new icons" (even if there a similarly looking icon existed
> before). Also, that way we can urge icon themes to include the more
> "correct" icons, which is a good thing imho.

I was only thinking of the above example of icon renames.  In my /humble/ 
opinion it would be a desirable feature if icons from 3rd party themes would 
still be picked up after a rename.

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