Porting DrKonqi away from K3Process: problem with working directory

Urs Wolfer uwolfer at kde.org
Sat Jan 19 13:41:09 GMT 2008


I have ported the crash handler (DrKonqi) away from K3Process.

Now I have one problem: K3Process used to set the working directory correctely 
(as far as I can see). Now with KProcess it seems not to be the case anymore: 
There is an error in the output:
"crashtest: No such file or directory." (crashtest it the crashing 
When I set the working directory to the dir where this binary is, there is no 
error anymore (but this is not possible in general, because you do not know 
where the binary is).

According to the QProcess documentation, the working directory should be set 
automatically, but in this case it is always empty.

Patch is attached.

Any ideas?

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