Lightweight API for localization of images, icons, etc.

Hans Meine hans_meine at
Fri Jan 18 19:52:15 GMT 2008

On Dienstag 15 Januar 2008, Chusslove Illich wrote:
> > [: David Faure :]
> > And I don't think that <full-path-to-dir-of-icon>/l10n/fr/iconname is
> > even compatible with the icon spec?
> The way I read the spec at
>l (thanks to Jakob for pointing me), 

It occurs to me that a language specific theme (e.g. oxygen-de) with a 
fallback of oxygen would partially solve the problem with the existing 
infrastruture, no?  Maybe not, since you want to offer several translations 
at once, and there may be problems with deeply nested themes (e.g. 
foo.parent=oxygen.parent=hicolor), but AFAICS nowadays more than one parent 
is allowed, so foo_de may have parents=[foo,oxygen_de,hicolor_de].  And 
deeply nested themes are a nightmare anyway (IIRC), so maybe the idea is not 
so far off.

Of course, this is just for icons, while your solution would offer support for 
easy localization of any application data.  Have you looked at 
kdegames/kdeedu?  Probably, some application code could be simplified; IIRC 
there is some localized media in those packages.

> [...] this l10n-subdir system is not
> intruding on it at all. The install paths, search and fallback mechanisms
> as described in the spec remain unscathed, only once the icon path has been
> decided upon, the i18nFilePath() kicks in to check if there is a localized
> version in its simple-minded way.

OK, so this is done only once at the end.  This makes sense and explains your 
not-so-scary benchmarks. ;-p  However, I would say David has a point that 
this could & should be skipped for many resource types.

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