API change needed for KateCompletionModel::Group

Dominik Haumann dhdev at gmx.de
Wed Jan 16 13:35:06 GMT 2008

Hi Jarosław,

On Tuesday 15 January 2008, Jarosław Staniek wrote:
> Hi,
> KateCompletionModel::Group is now used in palces like
> KateCompletionModel::createItems(). QSet templates expect full type
> information (for msvc).
> Without making KateCompletionModel::Group public (or at least protected?)
> we will encounter this:
> kde4\qt-copy\include\QtCore\../../src\corelib\tools\qset.h(49) : error
> C2248: 'KateCompletionModel::Group' : cannot access private class
> declared in class 'KateCompletionModel'
> kde4\trunk\KDE\kdelibs\kate\completion\katecompletionmodel.h(233) : see
> declaration of 'KateCompletionModel::Group'
>          kde4\trunk\KDE\kdelibs\kate\completion\katecompletionmodel.h(45)
> : see declaration of 'KateCompletionModel'
> kde4\trunk\KDE\kdelibs\kate\completion\katecompletionmodel.cpp(477) : see
> reference to class template instantiation 'QSet<T>' being compiled

kdelibs/kate/* is the implementation of kdelibs/interfaces/ktexteditor, i.e. 
kdelibs/kate/* is completely private and you can change everything (as long 
as the interfaces are implemented). Of course, the KTextEditor intefaces 
cannot be changed, but that is not what you want to do as far as I 

PS: there also is ktexteditor-devel (at) kde.org

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