expose assistant dialog to Kross scripts (Kross::FormModule)

Sebastian Sauer mail at dipe.org
Mon Jan 14 21:00:13 GMT 2008

Nick Shaforostoff wrote:

> I'd like to expose an assistant dialog to Kross scripts for kde 4.1 so
> that assistants (wizards) could be created using scripts for performing
> one-time tasks where performance isn't issue. (+they may easily be
> extended by users)

That's exactly what I had on my todo. So, it would be pretty cool, if you can 
add KWizard/KAssistent support :)
> Also, I couldn't find out (so far) whether i18n*() calls are exported for
> scripts.

maybe adding a i18nmethod to the forms would help? Though I guess still each 
script would need to extract the i18nstrings and provide translations for 
them on it's own.

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