[PATCH] Multi-Protocol IO-Slave

nf2 nf2 at scheinwelt.at
Sun Jan 13 19:17:33 GMT 2008

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Thursday 10 January 2008, nf2 wrote:
>> This patch has no effect on the behavior of KIO unless a Multi-Protocol
>> IO-Slave .protocol file is installed. The aim of this patch is to allow
>> to develop and test bridging into a cross-desktop network-transparency
>> library without having to recompile or repackage kdelibs/kdebase
>> (without having to remove .protocol files of the original IO slaves).
> Sorry for replying to the top posting again, but isn't is sufficient to use 
> KDE's layered resource framework for this?
> Usually during development the prefixes where KDE is installed and where 
> software under development is installed to are different anywhere, so the 
> only requirement AFAIK is to have the development install prefix listed 
> before the KDE main prefix in KDEDIRS.
> So if for example KDE was being used unchanged from official packages sources 
> and installed in /usr, any .protocol file referring to the multiprotocol 
> slave installed into /usr/local would be the one used when KDEDIRS would be 
> setup like this
> KDEDIRS=/usr/local:/usr
Don't know - i guess that would disable all .protocol's from the 
original installation. Not good, because things like http, imap etc 
can't (and shouldn't )be delegated to kio_giobridge.

> It might even be possible to just symlink the multislave binary to the names 
> of the standard slaves and not install any .protocol files at all.
Well that might work - except that it's more difficult and therefore 
less people might test and contribute to kio_giobridge. Typing "make 
install" and "make uninstall" is just easier.

Something i don't know: Would separate .protocol files mean that 
kio_giobridge is launched multiple times (for every protocol)? That's 
not necessary.

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