[PATCH] Multi-Protocol IO-Slave

Kevin Ottens ervin at kde.org
Sat Jan 12 13:41:10 GMT 2008

Le jeudi 10 janvier 2008, nf2 a écrit :
> This patch extends the KProtocolInfo system to accept a special
> Multi-Protocol IO-Slave:
> [...]

The patch itself looks fine code wise. That said...

> [...]
> This patch has no effect on the behavior of KIO unless a Multi-Protocol
> IO-Slave .protocol file is installed. The aim of this patch is to allow
> to develop and test bridging into a cross-desktop network-transparency
> library without having to recompile or repackage kdelibs/kdebase
> (without having to remove .protocol files of the original IO slaves).

If that's the only purpose of this patch, I'm not exactly hot to commit it in 
kdelibs. I think it should be maintained in a kdelibs branch you could use 
for your experiments, or as a patch in the same directory than your ioslave.

Because you're in a very early stage on this thing, if this patch gets 
committed we'll have to support it for years... And what would happen if you 
change your mind on the best way to achieve your goal? Or if finally this 
ioslave doesn't deliver something usable? We'd be stuck with this code 
exposing new API to maintain until KDE5.

That's why I really believe it should stay close to your ioslave until the 
situation on the matter is clearer.

Kévin 'ervin' Ottens, http://ervin.ipsquad.net
"Ni le maître sans disciple, Ni le disciple sans maître,
Ne font reculer l'ignorance."
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