Triaging aRTS bugs

George Goldberg grundleborg at
Mon Jan 7 05:31:29 GMT 2008

Hi all,

I am trying to help with triaging out what cruft I can from
and am wondering what the best approach to take is with 'arts' bugs.

As far as I am aware (please correct me if any of this is wrong),
its unmaintained and pretty much dead. and, since phonon has replaced
it for KDE 4, its unlikely to be revived.

Assuming the above is correct, I propose that each of the bugs and feature
requests filed on for arts should either be reassigned to
phonon, or closed (depending on whether they are relevant to phonon or
not, since many of them will not be... since phonon != a sound server).

I am also volunteering to do this :-)

Before I start, are there any objections or suggestions for
a better way of going about this?


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