kio_giobridge IO slave

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Sun Jan 6 15:54:30 GMT 2008

On Thursday 03 January 2008 03:35, nf2 wrote:
> Over the Christmas holidays i have written an experimental kio_gio/gvfs
> bridge IO slave for KDE4:
> The kprotocolinfo system has been extended to allow a "multi protocol"
> slave (protocol = "*") which receives all calls for protocols not known
> to KIO. Furthermore there is a "OverrulesProtocols" parameter to
> override some protocols which KIO already provides.
> [Protocol]
> exec=kio_giobridge
> protocol=*
> OverrulesProtocols=smb,sftp
> [...]
Rather than making it a multiprotocol slave, why not let it handle one slave 
at a time? The fallback model is going to create a lot of confusion. There is 
no reason to install all of kdebase if you are not going to use it all, most 
distributions split it up by now. That way you could install gio based 
version of SMB or native kio based, users choice. Not the surprise of not 
having installed the native kio based, and then have odd interaction bugs in 
the smb protocol.


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