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Sat Jan 5 03:04:24 GMT 2008

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On Jan 3, 2008, at 1:41 PM, Vlad Codrea wrote:

> Hi,
> --- nf2 <nf2 at> wrote:
>> Over the Christmas holidays i have written an experimental
>> kio_gio/gvfs
>> bridge IO slave for KDE4:
> Thanks for creating this IO slave. However, I have serious
> reservations to including it in kdelibs because:
> 1)
>    +#include <glib.h>
>    +#include <gio/gio.h>
>    +
>    +using namespace KIO;
> It links to glib and therefore introduces a compile-time dependency on
> glib. This wastes memory because now KDE has two low-level frameworks
> that have redundant functionality: QtCore and Glib.
> Memory usage woes caused by linking to glib are real and have already
> been reported:
> 2) File I/O is fundamental to nearly all KDE apps, and for a KDE
> developer to fix or investigate bugs in GIO/GVFS they would have to
> code in C and learn the subtleties of GLib/GIO/GVFS.
> 3) This deviates from the way other kdelibs components like Solid have
> dealt with Glib apps, namely to communicate with them via dbus.
> 4) There already are mature and tested KIO slaves to handle all the
> protocols that GVFS handles, with less indirection and room for bugs.
> Thanks,
> Vlad

Your argument is basically null and void since QtCore already links  
to glib.
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