Tagging Freeze for KDE 4.0.0

Will Stephenson wstephenson at kde.org
Fri Jan 4 12:50:27 GMT 2008

On Friday 04 January 2008, Albert Astals Cid said:
> I completely disagree here, X-KDE-PluginInfo-Category is clearly defined as
> translatable in ~/l10n-kde4/scripts/createdesktopcontext.pl so it's your
> problem asuming a field would not be translated when it is.

If you read the svn log of createdesktopcontext.pl you'll see this was only 
added to be translatable on 20071207, following a request on kde-i18n-doc 
which was not actively approved.  At the time KPluginSelector was written 
this field was not translated.

The problem is that the set of translated fields is not defined anywhere, so 
people can with good conscience make changes like this that have bad 


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