[PATCH for 4.0] make FindFreetype.cmake compatible with FindFreetype from cmake

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Fri Jan 4 12:44:28 GMT 2008

On Friday 04 January 2008, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> Hi,
> the attached patch makes the "interface" of FindFreetype.cmake compatible
> with the interface of FindFreetype.cmake in cmake cvs (commit to cmake cvs
> will follow) by adding the variable FREETYPE_INCLUDE_DIRS, which is set
> I'd like to have that in 4.0 because this way KDE 4.0.x developers can use
> the "API" of FindFreetype.cmake as it will be in cmake's version.
> Having different interfaces to the same cmake module sucks, because it
> means that
> * once we require CMake 2.6 (maybe KDE 4.2) the FindFreetype module will
> only provide FREETYPE_INCLUDE_DIRS, not FREETYPE_INCLUDE_DIR, so at this
> point in time it would be a source incompatible change. Having _DIRS now in
> svn means everybody should use the _DIRS variable already in KDE 4.0 and
> later on it will just work.
> * developers have to use them differently whether they are working in KDE
> or outside KDE
> Ok to commit ?

So no objections ?


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