Global shortcuts are saved with their text-name and not their action-name - Bug?

Christian Esken esken at
Thu Jan 3 20:34:07 GMT 2008

Am Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2008 schrieb Christian Esken:
> But there is still an issue: The global shortcuts are *not* recognized after restarting KMix.
> Also the shortcut dialog shows no shortcuts. When trying to reasign the same Shortcut to exactly the *same* action, I get a message:
>    The 'Shift+O' key combination has already been allocated to the global action "Increase Volume - PCM, Sound Fusion CS46xx" in kmix.
>    Do you want to reassign it from that action to the current one?
> ?!?
> So the shortcuts are known, but not assigned to the actions. Why? What can I do here? I have already played around a lot, like also adding the actions to the global actionCollection(), but that didn't help either.

I found it. Everything works now. :-)


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